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Texas Hill Country Blackbuck Hunts


Although originally from India and Nepal, large herds of blackbuck antelope roam the open pastures of Cinco Canyon Ranch in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Blackbuck are small in body size, but the ringed, corkscrew horns of trophy male can measure up to 29 inches and make for a unique trophy. A big blackbuck should certainly be on any hunter's list when hunting exotics in Texas.

What to Expect

What to Expect Blackbuck Hunting

This species prefers to graze in large grassland areas on the ranch, making them easy to find but challenging to sneak up on. The dominant mature males can be clearly distinguished by their beautiful black coloring with contrasting white markings compared to the paler brown color of younger males and females. Blackbuck are another one species at Cinco Canyon Ranch that breed year around, but they are most active in rut during the spring and fall seasons. However, there are plenty of trophy males to be found at any time of the year, whether you choose to hunt them over feeders or on exciting spot-and-stalk safari hunts.

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